Our Team

Matteo Di Mambro


My job is to research and write contents, design and the graphics of web pages and photography, including photoshoots.

Cristian Antonuccio


My job is to develop the code that provides our website (frontend and backend), to manage the database and to take care of security issues.

Antonio Cuozzo


I take care of the translations of the website’s contents from Italian to English, keeping in mind of technical language used in the artistic contest.

Andrea Belli


I take care of the general website’s development, backend e frontend as a junior web developer. Sometimes I take care of the back-ups.

Write Us

Everyone can contribute to the developing of the website. Send us your questions and your suggestions, or tell us about how Valleluce once was, the forgotten traditions or everything that was linked to the daily life of the past.

Subjects of Contact

If by chance there are interface issues or malfunctions of any type, don’t hesitate to contact us, the Web Developer will fix the bugs and the eventual programming errors of the website as soon as possible.
If there are inaccuracies in the written contents, feel free to contact us, the Creative Director will correct the written paragraphs, check the accuracy of the sources or enhance the various topics as soon as possible.
For example, if you’d like to see the pictures of a particular event of the past, or the pictures of a place of natural / historical interest of Valleluce, just ask! We have lots of photos and written elaborates we can / should show you!
For example, if you have some old photos which show how Valleluce looked like a long time ago, or various documents or stories on the customs of the past, feel free to contact us! We would be very happy to import the old photographs in digital format and post them on the website, or talk about topics we haven’t talked about yet.
We kindly ask you not to contact us for tourist information. All the data you need to know on how to arrive to Valleluce and when to visit it are spread throughout the sections of the website. Regarding the upcoming events that will take place in Valleluce, we will inform you as soon as possible in the Latest News section located at the bottom of the Homepage, or through our Newsletter.