Who are We?

Hi! We are Matteo and Cristian, the developers of this website. Our village has always been so beloved to us as well as its History and its artistic and natural beauties and that’s why we‘ve worked so hard on this complex work.

Our dedication to this website made us program, write, and research a lot, one of us even went to Rossano Calabro to take some pictures for it…

We just got the high school diploma and unfortunately we couldn’t work on the website before because of our schools and especially because of the huge amount of work that had to do on the website itself.

We invite you to contact us to suggest corrections, your help will be precious for us!

Thank you!

Are there interface issues or malfunctions?

You can contact the Web Developer, he will fix bugs and various errors as soon as possible.

Are there errors in the written content?

You can contact the Publisher, he will correct or improve the written content as soon as he can.

Do you have a particular request?

For example, if you want to see the pictures of a past event or the pictures of a place of historical / artistic / natural interest, ask! We have lots of photos and written elaborates to show you!

Do you have any historical sources or visual documents to show us?

For example, if you got some old photos at home which show how the village looked like a long time ago, you can contact us immediately if you want! We’ll be very happy to import them in digital format and post them on the website.

Can I contact you for touristic information?

No please, all you need to know on how to arrive to Valleluce and when you should visit it you can find it in the dedicated section in the Home page.

We will inform you about the upcoming events in Valleluce as soon as we can with the “Announcements” section that appears every time there’s a new event and with the Agenda that is alway present in the Home page.

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