The Valley

Valleluce is a town near S.Elia Fr. in southern Lazio, located at 368m (1200 ft) above sea level. To the south of town there is a vast hill whose western side is formed by the Colsalera forest and on the east side, by a fertile area called “Le Vigne”. The South side decreases slightly and runs out in the areas of Santa Maria Maggiore and Petrosa and then it stretches from Rio Valleluce to the Big Valley Castle.

The Climate

Valleluce enjoys a fairly mild climate throughout the year. In fact it rarely snows here in the winter, you don't feel the heat as much in the summer and there hardly any fog in the fall. During the cold season, descending from Valleluce you may witness a spectacular view of Cassino Valley completely covered by white fog resembling a vast calm sea.

The Town

The town is located in a valley at the foot of Mount Cifalco and is built around San Nilus Square, where there is also the Church of San Michael the Archangel. The town is practically invisible from Sant'Elia thanks to the hills that surround it. It is formed by a mix of new and old buildings that alternate along a thick branch of alleys. The town is undergoing a phase of restoration although over the years has maintained its form almost unchanged.

Mount Cifalco

Mount Cifalco is the mountain overlooking the valley, its highest peak reaches 930m (3050 ft) high and is flanked by a series of rounded lower peaks that give it an undulating appearance. Its slopes are covered with deciduous and evergreen trees such as oak, holm oak, pine, fir, cypress and in the lower part of the mountain there are olive trees growing on a series of terraces. On the back of the mountain at 680m (2230 ft) of altitude; rises the town of Cese and forwards to the front side of the mountain stands a dam. Along the course of history this mountain was the place of prayer of the hermit St. Bartholomew, a disciple of St. Nilus and much later it was the observation point of the German armies during the Second World War.

The Water Spring

The Water Spring is located about 1km (0.6 miles) away from the town, following “Via del Campo”. It is a place rich in natural forest and vegetation as well as crystal clear water. It may seem a place of little importance but instead is the oldest treasure chest of Valleluce that has come down to us: “The Roman Aqueduct” that brought water to the ancient Roman city of Cassino.